1. Robin’s Style has a Story...

Robin’s public speaking presence really came into it’s own while serving in the US Navy.  Robin’s unique style captivated CCTV audiences.  Electrical safety training was so effective, Petty Officer Priestley was then tasked with development/adaptation and delivery of training over ever broader subjects.  Notable examples:  CBR & NWSP - Atropine auto-injectors were great fun during Robin’s CBR, Chemical, Biological & Radiological Warfare course.  Robin’s creative approach to NWSP, Nuclear Weapons Security Protocols may still have a few veterans seeking professional help, however, the training was very effective. 

His very last assignment was teaching Principles of Naval Engineering at OIS, now Officer Indoctrination Course (and driving a garbage truck) at Officer Training Command, Newport, RI.

“He didn’t get this from our family!  He’s been like this since he could talk.”

 Robin’s Father

Robin can usually be found speaking for professional societies and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. 

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