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“Dr. Priestley’s presentation was the most useful we’ve ever had!”

IEEE Chapter

  1. Gain position, maximize value

Your organization is unique.  As in chess, everyone has particular strengths and moves differently. 

Your goal is to improve the collective performance, understanding and cohesiveness of the team. 

Robin Priestley has been helping organizations achieve their goals for 30 yearsHis effectiveness is impressive.  From small Rotary Club functions to engineering conferences with more than 700 attendees, the results are always outstanding.


Technology: Variable Speed Drives, harmonics, power quality, energy savings, grounding, semiconductor topologies and theory.

First Responders: Subjects are as varied as the organization.  Training heightens the team’s effectiveness and efficiency.  Central to all programs:  Operational Risk Management


“Robin actually understands this!  Too bad we wasted time with three consulting firms first.”

Manufacturer with Power Quality Issues

“Engaging, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable.  He spent his time answering audience questions letting the participants guide the discussion.”

“Humorous and engaging.  Allowed attendees to dialogue and ask questions.  Very knowledgeable and a lot of topics covered.

Minnesota Power Systems Conference

"As a presenter myself, I have always looked at Robin Priestley's presentations as something to aspire to.  His audiences are nothing less than enthralled with his humor, knowledge, fast-paced delivery and ability to connect with them.  This man has a unique and rare gift for educating."

E. Weiss, C4L & Associates

Disaster Response

“8 hours yesterday. 2 hours today.  Some of it was over my head, but OMG - Best training in my LIFE”

Midwest Rural Energy Council

“We brought Robin in for “risk management” and got so much more.  Customer service, (employee) attendance, everything.  We need him to do the same for the Busch Series in Florida February...”

International Hot Rod Association

Track Owner

“Always the best”

“Awesome every year”

“That sh__ with the buckets,  that will SAVE LIVES”

Speedway Rescue Team

“This was my third day.  I was in Omaha, Lincoln and now Grand Island.  Same event, same title and completely different.  I learned new stuff everyday.  THANKS!!!”

Electrical Integrator

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Attendee’s Comments

ORM as an integral component of life rather than a dictated procedure.  ORM reduces risk through accurate and empowering communication.  This is critical during operations and paramount to improving the quality and survivability of life for the responder after operational events.